Sports-Vibe Blanket

$ 800.00 $ 850.00

Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy blanket for Horses is designed to deliver massage vibrations to key parts of your horse's body to enhance health and performance. The comfortable, lightweight blanket can be used year round to help your horse's muscles to relax before or after work, or while recovering from an injury. The ring-spun polyester fabric wicks moisture to keep your horse comfortable and dry to prevent chills. 


The Sports-Vibe rug is a must have for any performance horse to keep muscles performing at their best.

  • For Warmup: The increase in blood flow created by the vibrating panels helps to make muscles more elastic and therefore assists you to warm up your horse, reducing the risk of injury. 
  • Post workout or recovery: Massage can help to reduce inflammation by stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins. An increase in blood flow also helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the area which can assist with the healing process. 
  • The Sportz Vibe rug has 8 panel positions to allow you to treat the most common areas of muscle tightness:

    1. Either side of the hind quarters
    2. Either side of the saddle area
    3. Either side of the shoulders
    4. Either side of the neck

    The rug comes with four vibrating panels and a battery included and three different battery positions so you can treat adjacent muscle groups such as the hind quarters and saddle area or shoulders and neck. The neck piece has a separate battery pocket so that it can be treated separately as well.

    Features of the Sportz Vibe Rug:

  • A lightweight, breathable rug with pockets for removable vibrating panels
  • Pockets are located on the hind quarters, saddle area, shoulders and neck
  • There are two settings, both shut off automatically after a 20 minute cycle
  • Setting 1 should be used until the horse is accustomed to the vibrations
  • Setting 1 or 2 can be used for warm up, setting 1 is a good choice for cooldown and recovery
  • Alternating massage panels reduce muscle tension
  • Helps to relax the horse
  • Massage stimulates the lymphatic system to remove waste products
  • Reducing muscle tension allows blood to flow into the muscle so that it can recover and develop
  • 4 panels can be used at one time (6 maximum)
  • Can be used daily up to 3 times per day
  • Included with your Sportz Vibe Rug:

  • Rug with neck cover
  • 4 vibrating panels
  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 4 panel cables
  • Battery charger
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